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Why Your AC Compressor Might Fail

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The compressor is one of the most critical components of your air conditioner (AC). In fact, some people call the compressor the heart of the AC since the AC cannot function with a compromised compressor. Knowing why the compressor might fail can help you prevent compressor problems. Here are some of the common causes of compressor malfunctions. Call an AC repair shop today if you experience any of the following.  Read More»

Buy A Property That Has Been Abanoned: Don't Turn On Heat Or Air And Avoid Hot Water Until Everything Checks Out

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Buying a home through an estate sale is often an easy way to get a house for lower than the value or the market cost, but it often it means you are getting a house that maybe wasn’t maintained properly. If someone elderly was living in it for years before they passed and the house then sat in probate for months or longer, it may not be in the best condition, along with the HVAC appliances. Read More»

3 Biggest Reasons To Repair Your HVAC Unit Instead Of Buying A New One

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Have you grown tired of your air conditioner not working as well as it should? Are you frustrated and tempted to just shove the unit off of your roof in revenge? Fortunately for you, there’s no need to do anything quite so drastic. Instead of getting rid of your air conditioner, you may be able to have it repaired. There are a number of reasons why late summer or early fall is a good time to call a professional out to look at your A/C and to get the unit repaired. Read More»

Don't Turn Down Your Thermostat — Tips For When Your Home Is Too Hot

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One of the mistakes that a homeowner will often make when the air conditioner just won’t cool fast enough is to lower the thermostat even lower. Their reasoning is that the air conditioner will work harder and cool faster as a result. However, an air conditioner will take just as long to lower the temperature to the correct amount as set by the thermostat. You Can’t Make Your Home Cool Faster Read More»

Two Signs To Look For When Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repaired

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When the hot temperatures start rolling in, one of the first things you probably do is rush to turn on the air conditioner (AC.) Pumping that cool, refreshing air throughout your home really helps you beat the heat and remain comfortable even when the climate starts to soar. This is great when your AC system works the way it should, but problems can sometimes arise and mean that it will need repairs in order to work correctly. Read More»

Air Conditioning Trouble? Try This

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After a summer day on the beach or out in the scorching sun, the idea of returning to a cool interior space can be something you’re looking forward to. However, when you arrive home, the air could be as humid and warm as the outdoors. When you realize that something’s wrong with the air conditioning or HVAC system, your spirits may fall. Luckily, with these HVAC troubleshooting suggestions, the air might soon cool down. Read More»

Signs You May Need An Air Conditioning Repair Service To Fix A Refrigerant Leak

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The refrigerant in your air conditioning system is very important because without it, your AC won’t be able to keep your home cool. A refrigerant line can have a slow leak and cause you to notice your air conditioner doesn’t seem to be working like it should even if you don’t know why. Once refrigerant starts leaking, it keeps leaking until it’s gone, and then your AC won’t cool your home at all. Read More»

3 Things To Try When Your Air Conditioner Isn't Working

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Are you excited about the end of winter? Have you tested your air conditioner in anticipation of warmer weather and found that it doesn’t seem to be working correctly? It’s not uncommon to turn off your working air conditioner in autumn only to have it break when you try to turn it on. This doesn’t make the situation any less frustrating, but it may be more understandable. In most cases, this isn’t something that you can fix yourself, but there are still a few things you can try while you wait for a technician to come to your house. Read More»

Heating Installation: Do You Need To Replace Your Ancient Furnace's Parts?

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No matter how nice or clean your appliances appear, you’ll eventually need to replace them in the future. Some appliances can look good on the outside but suffer from a number of mechanical problems, including furnaces. Here are some things to consider about your ancient furnace now. Is Your Furnace Noisy? If your furnace sounds like popping popcorn, a hissing snake, or worse, and you’ve done everything in your power to quiet it, you may need to seek professional help instead. Read More»