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Why Your Home's Central Air Conditioner Isn't Blowing Cold Air And How To Fix It

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If your home’s central air conditioner is blowing air but it is not cold, then your air conditioner is having a mechanical problem that you need to diagnose and fix. The good news is that there are only a few problems that can cause your air conditioner to blow warm air – and many of them are simple for you to fix. To this end, here are some tips for diagnosing and fixing some of the most common central air conditioner problems: Read More»

High Heating Costs? Reduce the Heat You Use with These 3 Tips

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When the temperatures drop outside, your body is not the only thing that feels it. Your wallet feels it too. The energy costs related to heating can be very expensive, and it may be difficult to find a balance between making your home comfortable and paying too much money to do so. Thankfully, there are some ways you are able to reduce how much energy you use in the winter—by using these three tips. Read More»

Five Ways You Can Use Air Circulation in Passive Cooling to Take a Load Off Your AC Unit

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“Passive” cooling is a great way to reduce the load on your air conditioner so that it doesn’t cost as much to keep your house cool. However, you may need to make an initial investment in tools like reflective coatings, radiant barriers, insulation, and electric fans in order to see substantial passive-cooling results. Here are five great ways to get started with passive cooling by using air circulation to your benefit. Read More»

Troubleshooting Some Of The Most Common Problems With An Old Boiler System In Your Vintage Home

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For a lot of years, wood-burning stoves were the primary heat source, but eventually, many homes that relied on wood for heat were fitted with a boiler system. A boiler system uses pressurized steam and heated water to provide warmth for the home and often doubles as a hot water heater as well, which makes it an efficient home heating appliance. Even though boiler systems have since been replaced by more modern heat systems in most homes, they are still hanging around in a lot of older houses. Read More»

Dirty Ducts: Why They Must Be Cleaned For Your Sake

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Are you like a number of other property owners who overlook the importance of having their air ducts cleaned? Clean air ducts promote better air quality and ensure comfort. The following information will help you to understand some of the most important benefits that keeping the air ducts in your home professionally cleaned provides.  Improved Breathing Even if you are not an allergy-prone individual, dirty air ducts could cause you to have minor issues such as congestion, dry cough or sneezing from time to time. Read More»

Warning, Warning! These Little Signs Mean You Should Call Your Furnace Repair Team

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Having to call your HVAC repair company when your furnace stops working and it’s 40 degrees in your house at 2 am is never pleasant. While emergencies are always going to happen, there are many times when furnace problems can be detected and treated before they lead to an all-out furnace failure. Here are four signs that you should call your furnace repair team before a loss of heat occurs. Read More»

4 Things You Can Do To Reduce Repairs And Maintenance Of Your AC

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With the summer months soon to be here, you will want to make sure that your AC is ready. There are many maintenance tasks that need to be done throughout the summer, such as changing the filter regularly. There may also be small repairs and cleaning that needs to be done to ensure your AC system makes it through the summer heatwaves. Here are some of the things that you can do this summer to reduce the chances of needing repairs this summer: Read More»

Answers To Important Questions Regarding El Nino And Your HVAC System

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In many parts of the country, El Nino can cause excessive amounts of moisture and rain. Homeowners affected by El Nino may find themselves asking how an excessively damp, cold winter can affect their property. This kind of weather can affect all the systems of the home, and that includes the HVAC system. Knowing how to prepare your HVAC system for El Nino can help you maintain your system and keep it working in 2016. Read More»