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Central HVAC Can Be A Good Choice For Rentals

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If you manage rentals and you don't have an HVAC system in the units you rent, then you have likely found that your units are somewhat hard to get rented. You may not realize that a lack of heating and air conditioning is what's making it harder for you to rent your units and to keep longer renters, but it will likely be one of the big reasons. Also, you may not be getting the amount of rent for your places that you would if you could offer the people that rent them heating and AC. You should think about having a central HVAC system installed in the units, and if you decide to do so, then you may find this information helpful.

Central HVAC systems allow each tenant to maintain control over their own unit

When you decide which way to go with regards to having a heating and air conditioning installed in the rentals, consider going with central heating and air conditioning. Even if you have an apartment complex, central HVAC systems can be installed so that each unit will maintain full control over the system in their own apartment with regards to it being on or off, as well as controlling the temperature they want in their home. 

Central HVAC systems are efficient and easy for tenants to maintain

Central systems that are newer are efficient. They will keep homes warm or cool without causing a huge expense on your tenant's monthly bills. The only thing your tenants are going to have to worry about as far as maintenance goes is to make sure the filter is clean. It should be checked every couple of months while the unit is being used. You should include this as a stipulation in the lease because a clean filter is very important for the proper running of the system. 

Central HVAC systems will be a big perk

Prospective tenants will like to hear that the unit you are showing them has central heat and air conditioning. It will be an even bigger perk for them when you inform them that the system is a newer one. You should include the fact that your units have central HVAC systems in any advertising that you do when you are looking for tenants to fill vacant units. This will draw more people to come to see the units. 

To learn more, contact an HVAC company.