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The Problem With Air Ducts

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Many homes come with air ducts, with the role of the air duct being to circulate air throughout the home. However, there are many ways in which air ducts can be inconvenient and can cost you money.


Air ducts are a pain to install. You will have to rip open walls to install the air ducts. If you have a historical home, you will need to make irreparable damage. Most HVAC systems require some modifications to your home, but air ducts are among the most intrusive. Also, if you have a large home, you might need more condensers and air handlers.

Pest Control

Air ducts can be a route through which pests can enter your home and can also harbor a pest infestation. You may not be able to reach some of the pests to perform a pest control treatment.


Your air ducts can become dirty and you might need to hire an air duct cleaning service as a result. Another problem with cleaning and maintaining air ducts is that they are not always easy to access because of how they are run through walls and your ceiling.

Energy Efficiency

Air ducts can sometimes be leaky and can allow conditioned air to leak out. Even if your air ducts aren't leaky, the process of having air travel through your air ducts can lead to lower electrical costs. There are energy-efficient versions of duct HVAC units available, but they tend to be more expensive.


Air ducts do not offer as much flexibility. If you want to direct air toward a particular room, it is easier to do so when you have separate ductless HVAC units. You'll have to worry about whether your air ducts will interfere with your furniture placement and you'll have to avoid blocking air vents and radiators.


Central air can often be louder than other methods of heating and air conditioning. You can often hear the sounds produced by your HVAC unit all throughout the house since air ducts can clang and bang. Ductless units are much quieter by comparison, with the sound similar to that of a breeze.

An Alternative to Ducts

If you are wondering how to heat and cool your home without air ducts, there are efficient ductless HVAC systems available that have been around for decades. These are units that require less maintenance than HVAC systems that rely on ducts.