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Don't Turn Down Your Thermostat — Tips For When Your Home Is Too Hot

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One of the mistakes that a homeowner will often make when the air conditioner just won't cool fast enough is to lower the thermostat even lower. Their reasoning is that the air conditioner will work harder and cool faster as a result. However, an air conditioner will take just as long to lower the temperature to the correct amount as set by the thermostat.

You Can't Make Your Home Cool Faster

When indoor sensors detect that your temperature is higher than what is set by the thermostat, this triggers the compressor. The compressor then cools the air in your home until it has fallen to the temperature set by the thermostat. The thermostat does not operate like a gas pedal that will cause the AC to rev up when you turn the temperature down more, so it's not effective to set the thermostat for a lower temperature than you want.

A Programmable Thermostat Will Cool Your Home Before You Return Home

If you often come home and feel uncomfortable because of the high temperatures, make sure to purchase a programmable thermostat that will allow you to schedule the thermostat to lower the temperature before you come home. Then you won't have to let the AC run while you're away, but you'll also be comfortable when you come home and the AC has cranked up and had time to lower your home temperature.

Your AC Might Be Defective

If your AC cannot keep you cool no matter what you do, the issue is with the AC itself, rather than the temperature you set. You shouldn't lower the thermostat further to compensate because this will be ineffective. You may need your AC to be inspected by an AC repair technician. 

The first way you should inspect your AC is to check the filter to make sure it isn't dirty. A dirty air filter will force your AC to work harder. You should also clean the condenser coils. They can sometimes become dirty and cause your AC to operate less efficiently. But if you have tried all of this and your AC still won't keep you cool, it's time to have your AC serviced. 

Your AC Might Not Be Big Enough

If your AC has never kept you cool enough, you may have not had the AC sized properly. You may need a more powerful AC unit for the size of your home. Hire an AC contractor and have them install an AC unit based on the square footage of your home. 

Contact a company that offers residential air conditioning services near you in order to learn more or to get service for your AC.