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Air Conditioning Trouble? Try This

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After a summer day on the beach or out in the scorching sun, the idea of returning to a cool interior space can be something you're looking forward to. However, when you arrive home, the air could be as humid and warm as the outdoors. When you realize that something's wrong with the air conditioning or HVAC system, your spirits may fall. Luckily, with these HVAC troubleshooting suggestions, the air might soon cool down.

Look at Unit

Often, the external main HVAC unit will give you some clue about problems, especially once you remove the cover. Have weeds, long grass, or twigs gotten in between fan blades? Removing those could rectify the trouble. Does the insulation seem to have come off the tubes going out of the unit? Insulation replacement is necessary to keep fluids cool. That's a task you can do without much effort. Is there leaking? Refrigerant leaks often cause air conditioning failures, and it's possible that more professional work is needed. When you see the unit, you should have a clearer idea of whether you can make some adjustments and fix things or whether you need an expert.

Clean Filter

At times, the unit may be functioning, but the air still isn't because of problems with the filter, which should be cleaned periodically. If you've never seen the filter and have lived through multiple summers in the house, it probably needs cleaning. The owner's manual—accessed by hand or online from the manufacturer—should lay out where the filter is located. With wire brushing it should clear up.

Rarely there will be rips in the filter, which will necessitate that you replace it. This is easy; most home improvement stores will have the part you require. Just look for the right brand and model type for your unit; you can even bring the ripped filter to use as a guide.

Replace Batteries

After all the checking and troubleshooting you've done, you may feel ready to throw in the towel. However, an extremely solution could still be possible. When's the last time you remember installing fresh batteries in the thermostat? Those batteries work for some time, but eventually they'll die—that could be what's causing a "failure" of the system. Pop in fresh ones and you might breathe sighs of relief as the air begins to feel frosty.

If these details don't prove helpful, professional attention is warranted. Call air conditioning repair companies, and let them know what you've attempted. This should give them a better idea of where they should start when they get to your home.