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Signs You May Need An Air Conditioning Repair Service To Fix A Refrigerant Leak

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The refrigerant in your air conditioning system is very important because without it, your AC won't be able to keep your home cool. A refrigerant line can have a slow leak and cause you to notice your air conditioner doesn't seem to be working like it should even if you don't know why. Once refrigerant starts leaking, it keeps leaking until it's gone, and then your AC won't cool your home at all. Repairs are necessary if you want to stay cool in your house. Here are some signs of a refrigerant leak and the procedure for making repairs.

Signs That Could Signal Your AC Is Leaking Refrigerant

When refrigerant is leaking from a line, it's possible that you'll hear a hissing noise. If so, you should call an air conditioning repair company right away. However, it's likely you won't notice the noise, so you'll have to catch other signs to know something is wrong. When the refrigerant level starts to drop, your AC won't put out air as cold as it usually is. The AC will run as usual, but your home will seem warmer. This could cause you to adjust the thermostat to get cooler. Your air conditioner may need to run more to reach the desired temperature, and that means your power bill will keep going up each month.

When the refrigerant is low enough, condensation may freeze on the coils. Your air conditioner may stop working, and when you check it, you may be shocked to see the unit is iced over. This situation requires prompt attention from a repair service because your AC won't operate and cool your house when it's frozen.

Procedure For Repairing Low Refrigerant

Air conditioning refrigerant is a regulated substance, so you need to let a licensed HVAC technician handle the repair and filling of a refrigerant line. A line that allows refrigerant to escape is a danger to the environment, and for that reason, the technician has to repair or replace the line before the refrigerant can be refilled. Repairs are made, and then the line is pressure tested to make sure there are no more leaks. Repairing and filling a refrigerant line could be an expensive repair, so once the job is done, you'll want to avoid working around the line with tools so it doesn't get nicked or damaged again.

The signs of low refrigerant in your air conditioner are also the same signs of other types of malfunctions, so when your AC doesn't seem to be working right, call for help from a professional so the cause can be determined. If it's found that low refrigerant is the problem, you won't have any choice but to make repairs because the right amount of refrigerant is needed to flow through the coils and keep your home nice and cool when it's hot and miserable outside.