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Heating Installation: Do You Need To Replace Your Ancient Furnace's Parts?

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No matter how nice or clean your appliances appear, you'll eventually need to replace them in the future. Some appliances can look good on the outside but suffer from a number of mechanical problems, including furnaces. Here are some things to consider about your ancient furnace now.

Is Your Furnace Noisy?

If your furnace sounds like popping popcorn, a hissing snake, or worse, and you've done everything in your power to quiet it, you may need to seek professional help instead. Furnaces contain a great number of parts that can degrade over time, including the blower motor, ignition system, and burners. If one or more of these crucial parts stop working, your furnace may give out as well.

Although you can try to narrow down the sounds yourself by cleaning your furnace's burners and motor, have a heating contractor handle this job for you. You must follow specific steps and use special cleaning methods to clean the blower and burners properly. If you break or crack one of these parts, you may need to replace it immediately. 

In addition, a contractor can examine your furnace's heat exchanger to see if it suffered any severe damage over the years, including holes and rust. Carbon monoxide and other gases can escape the heat exchanger and spread throughout your house.

If your furnace continues to sound like a train or worse after the repairs, you may simply need to reinstall a new furnace instead.

Do You Really Need a New Furnace?

If your ancient furnace has too many issues to repair, replace it. It may cost you more to replace or repair individual parts than it would to simply get new heating installation. Additionally, if your furnace is so old that manufacturers don't make it anymore, you may have a difficult time finding all of the parts needed to fix it. A newer furnace model may be a better solution to keeping your ailing furnace going.

After the replacement, have a heating contractor come out and clean your furnace for you. Dust can penetrate your furnace and damage it over time. A contractor can also check your heat exchanger, blower motor, and burners during the appointment. You want to keep your furnace operating properly throughout the year and not just during the winter.

For more answers about your furnace and whether or not you need to replace it, contact a heating contractor soon.