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3 Air Conditioning Choices For A Small Space

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If you have a small space that you need to cool off, such as a home-office, shed or bedroom, you don't need to install an entire central air conditioning system. When it comes to cooling off smalls spaces, window units, portable units, and ductless systems are great options.

1. Window AC Units

If you need a quick and affordable way to cool off a small space, a window air conditioning unit is a smart choice. You can easily pick up a window air conditioning unit during the summer at your local box store or building supply store. You can also install a window unit on your own. However, it can still be helpful to have a professional install your window air conditioning unit. They will know how to correctly set-up your window air conditioning unit and make sure that it securely attached to your window

You need to have a window that is big enough to support a window AC unit in order for this option to work.  You also have to be allowed to have a window AC unit extend out of your space; there are some regulations on this in apartment complexes and rentals.

2. Portable AC Unit

A portable air conditioning unit is a great choice if you can't put something out of your window or modify the space in any way. With a portable air conditioning unit, you just put a vent in the window. The vent sits inside of the window frame and doesn't extend outward at all.

If you don't want a vent going out of your window, you can also have an exhaust hole cut. Like an exhaust hole for your dryer, an exhaust hole for your air conditioner will blend in with your home and requires minimal modification of your home.

Portable air conditioning units tend to be more expensive than window units, and you may have to purchase it from a building supply store or an air conditioning store.

3. Ductless AC Units

Finally, you can install a ductless AC unit. Although you don't have to put in ductwork with a ductless AC unit, you do still have to make modifications to your space. With a ductless AC unit, part of the unit is installed on top of an external wall and requires your home to be cut into and modified. You also have to have space outside for the outside portion of a ductless system. With a ductless system, you want a professional to install and set it up for you.

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