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High Heating Costs? Reduce the Heat You Use with These 3 Tips

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When the temperatures drop outside, your body is not the only thing that feels it. Your wallet feels it too. The energy costs related to heating can be very expensive, and it may be difficult to find a balance between making your home comfortable and paying too much money to do so. Thankfully, there are some ways you are able to reduce how much energy you use in the winter—by using these three tips.

Utilize Your Windows During the Day

You may be using blinds or curtains to give your home some much-needed privacy, and you might be leaving these items closed during the day. The problem is that you are preventing the sun from entering your home during the day when you are away at work. You should be opening up those curtains to let in as much natural heat as possible into your home.

In addition, if you use window tints on the glass, you should remove them during the winter months.

Turn On Your Fans

Fans do not always make a room feel cooler, since they actually help with air circulation. During the winter, flip the switch on your fans so that they run counter clockwise. This works by taking that warm air that has collected at the top of the room and pulling it down toward the bottom of the room.

You can also use fans to redirect heat from the kitchen while you are cooking. That heat shouldn't go to waste when it could be heating your home, so use a box fan to redistribute heat to the nearby rooms.

Perform Regular Furnace Maintenance

Every appliance in your home can eventually break down as it gets older. This is especially true of your furnace. There is a lot of maintenance that needs to be done to the appliance when you want to reduce how much you pay in energy bills.

The obvious maintenance item is the filter. Change it regularly so that the furnace doesn't need to work as hard to push warm air through it. The heating coil should also be clear of debris buildup, since it can cause the unit to work harder than necessary to heat it up.

Consider getting routine maintenance done every year by a local HVAC company such as One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. In addition to changing filters and cleaning the unit, they can check for parts that can fail and replace them before they become a problem to you.