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Answers To Important Questions Regarding El Nino And Your HVAC System

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In many parts of the country, El Nino can cause excessive amounts of moisture and rain. Homeowners affected by El Nino may find themselves asking how an excessively damp, cold winter can affect their property. This kind of weather can affect all the systems of the home, and that includes the HVAC system. Knowing how to prepare your HVAC system for El Nino can help you maintain your system and keep it working in 2016.

Should you cover your air conditioner condenser from El Nino rain?

In times of heavy precipitation, it's natural to want to cover your AC condenser. However, air conditioner condensers are designed to withstand precipitation, even in abnormally heavy amounts. Covering your air conditioner condenser will not protect it. In fact, covering your condenser with a waterproof cover can lock in moisture and promote the formation of rust. Over time, having a cover on your condenser can actually backfire by necessitating air conditioning repair.

Will your HVAC system be more vulnerable to mold with all the moisture in the air?

Homes and HVAC systems can be vulnerable to mold when there's more moisture in the air. The following tips will help you protect your HVAC system:

  • Get your ducts cleaned. Getting duct cleaning services can help remove mold spores from your ducts, which prevents the mold from circulating in your home. This can reduce risk of mold problems in your HVAC system and in your home as a whole.
  • Replace the air filter. The air filter is responsible for keeping your HVAC system clean and clear of dust, pollen, allergens and mold spores. Replacing your air filter with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter can help remove even the smallest particles from your HVAC system. The procedure for replacing the air filter is relatively simple. The filter will be located between the blower and the return air duct. Turn off the HVAC system, then remove the air filter from its slot. You can purchase a new HEPA air filter from your local hardware store or home improvement center. Put the new HEPA filter into the empty slot, then turn on the HVAC system.

For more information about the best ways to protect your HVAC system during El Nino and throughout the year, contact Pristine Air Conditioning Corp or another local HVAC repair person. Your repair person can give your system a tune up and make recommendations for HVAC care during the upcoming wet, cold weather.