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House Decor That May Be Clogging Your Vents

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If you have noticed that your heater sounds like it is strained and is having to run more often to clean up the home, this may be the signal of an issue. Heaters need regular maintenance and checks in order to run appropriately though heaters often go unnoticed until there is a problem during the cool weather. If your heater has been more strained that usual, one of the top reasons is clogged vents. Here are some inconspicuous home items that may be contributing towards clogging the ducts in your home.

Large or furry rugs

There is nothing nicer than the feel of a warm shag rug on a winter morning. If you have hardwood, tile, or porcelain flooring, you may have rugs placed all around your home in order to make the decor come together. The unfortunate problem with shag rugs is that, if they shed, they can easily get particles into the air vent, causing clogs and obstructions over time. If you plan to have shag rugs, keep them centrally located in the room, as far as possible from vents. Make sure to vacuum regularly to stay ahead of shedding.

Open display cabinets

Some of the most elegant home decoration pieces are decorative wine glasses and china. Many people receive china during their wedding that the never use, but instead choose to put it on display. Though it may be beautiful, cabinets for these types of displays tend to attract and settle dust. If the display is located on a wall near vents, the dust will invariably travel up towards the vent and begin to cause heating issues. Instead of keeping items out that will attract dust, dander, and other particles out in the open, get a closed display, such as a curio cabinet so that dust won't have any cracks and crevices to hide.

Fido and his toys

Your dog or cat are family members, but they are also likely to be the cause of blocked heating vents. Heating repair bills can skyrocket for families that do not pay attention to pet dander. If you have a cat or dog that tends to shed more than normal, brush or comb them on a daily basis when they come in from their walks. Stopping them at the door to brush them before coming in keeps the hair and shedding outside, plus allows you to get rid of additional debris your pet may drag in. Sweep and vacuum pet areas, especially their bedding and eating area so that the excess shedding is removed from the airspace causes no issues.