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Stay Cool In Your RV With Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

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An air conditioning system is responsible for keeping your RV cool during the hottest days of summer, similarly to in a traditional home, but it's even more important for you to take care of routine maintenance when living in a RV. Not only does your moving home's AC keep you comfortable when the temperature rises, it's also much more vulnerable to problems if it's not maintained compared to a typical home.

The following tips can all help get you started with RV air conditioning maintenance.

Keep the AC Running While Driving

Allowing the air to flow while the RV is moving is a good idea for staying cool and can help reduce the strain on the engine. This means keeping the air conditioner on when driving and switching it to the fan when parked. In order for the AC to stay in good shape while driving, avoid overworking the AC by leaving it at a set temperature—somewhere between the mid-60s to -70s.

Check and Replace Filters Regularly

The filter of your air conditioner is what's going to be responsible for trapping sediments that could be damaging to the system. In order for the AC to continue pumping out cool air without the need for repairs, you'll want to check the filters and replace them when needed.

Make Sure the Thermostat is Working

Your thermostat is what's going to notify you of the current temperature in the RV and will also allow you to make adjustments as needed. This is why it's so important that the thermostat panel is displaying information correctly and is easy to use.

Rely on Professionals if a Leak is Found

If you find a leak with your air conditioner, it's important that you get the repair taken care of immediately. Unlike a leak related to the AC in a traditional home, the leak in your RV will begin to drip from the rooftop. Looking for help from professionals will get your air conditioner working again soon without any problems.  

Drive and Park Smart to Reduce Heat

The easiest way to reduce stress on your air conditioner is through reducing the heat inside of the RV. Planning to drive early in the morning and in the evening can help reduce the heat, along with parking in the shade whenever stopped.

Taking care of the cooling in your RV is crucial if you intend on driving during the middle of summer or will be traveling through an area that gets especially hot. With the tips above and necessary help from a professional, like Atlantic Heating and Cooling, you can keep your air conditioner running smoothly.