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How To Know If It Is Time To Call For Air Coditioning Repairs

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Before you settle on the idea that you are going to have to pay for a new air conditioning unit, you need to consider the option of repairing it. Take a moment to check out the following signs that should indicate that a repair technician should be called to your home for repairs to the air conditioning unit.

Vents Are Freezing

Sure, you want cold air. However, that air should not be so cold that the air vents of your air conditioning unit are freezing. If you are always removing ice crystals from the air conditioning unit, or finding that it is freezing itself to the point that air can no longer come through, you need to have it inspected. There could be something wrong with the amount of coolant that is being released through the unit. The thermostat could be broken and stuck on a super low temperature even though it looks like you were able to adjust it.

You Can See The Air Blowing In

Some people have made the mistake of assuming that it is normal to see the bursts of air coming into the home from the air conditioning unit. Some have said that they believe it to be a reaction between the super cold and hot air. This is not the case. It is not a normal thing to see and it can actually be harmful to your health. What you are actually seeing is air conditioning coolant, which is not something that you, your children, or your pets needs to be inhaling. If this is one of the problems that you are experiencing, you need to keep the air conditioning unit off until it is repaired by a professional.

It Can't Seem To Fight The Extreme Heat

Even if you are in the middle of a heat wave, a properly functioning air conditioning unit of the correct size should have no problem keeping your house nice and cool. After all, that is the sole job of the air conditioner. Therefore, should you find that your air conditioning unit is running non-stop and still unable to control the heat in your home, you need to have a professional look it over.

With these signs of problems in mind, you should have no problem figuring out when it is time to call a professional HVAC technician. He or she will be able to correct the problem in no time at all. For more information, contact a local HVAC company like A/C Repairs, Inc