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Hard Water Problems

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Hard water can be bad news if you aren't aware of it. It is something that you cannot get rid of without special equipment, but knowing more about it will help make sure that nothing is damaged and that you wash your dishes and laundry accordingly. Continue reading to learn more about hard water so you can combat it.

The Cause of Hard Water

Minerals underground can leech into the water and get absorbed. The water is then pumped into your home with these minerals and the resulting water makes it hard for soap to lather up properly. The minerals are either calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, limestone magnesium, and iron.

These mineral deposits can cause a lot of problems for your plumbing and your household.

Dishes Never Look Clean

No matter which method you choose to wash your dishes, by hand or in a dishwasher, your dishes are coming into contact with the hard water. This often means that you will see the minerals on the glasses and other dishes. Most commonly, you will have foggy or spotty glasses and silverware. Sometimes you will even feel a powdery coating on the dishes. This coating doesn't damage your dishes, but they never sparkle like they should.

Plumbing Problems

Your plumbing fixtures have to deal with the minerals directly as water passes through them. This can mean clogged shower heads and lime scale build up. Other than your showerhead looking dirty and having a reduced water flow, lime scale can build up in the pipes and lead to blockages that eventually cause ruptures.

It is important to clean your showerhead and other fixtures regularly, but you also need to talk with a plumber to make sure that the mineral content in your water isn't going to cause major problems for your pipes.

Uncomfortable Bathing

Hard water means that your water isn't cleaning your body as good as soft water would. The hard water will dry out your skin and make your hair brittle. It can turn a refreshing shower into a waste of energy that results in you never feeling totally clean.

The Solution

Other than just putting up with the hard water, you can have a water softener installed in the water line of your home. It works as a filter to catch the mineral content and remove it before the water is pumped into your plumbing. It can reduce your water pressure, but that is a small price to pay to have quality water.

As you can see, hard water can create major problems and discomforts for your plumbing and your household. The best option is to have a water softener installed so you don't have to worry about the hard water problem again. To learn more, visit Central Heating & Cooling Inc