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Newly Hired To Deliver Home Heating Oil? Some Things You May Encounter

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If you have just been hired to deliver home heating oil to people, you may be surprised at how some of your days will likely go. Below are some things you may encounter throughout your workday.

Wasps and Bees

Wasps and bees love to hang out at oil tanks that are located outside. Before you start filling it up or changing it out, look it over first. In many cases, they will build their nest either deep under or or behind it. Ask the owner if they have seen any of these flying around the tank. Even if he or she says no, you should still be careful and look yourself.

Oh the Places You May Go

When you arrive at the homeowner's property, you may find the oil tank is located in some difficult places. If the person lives in an apartment, you may have to drag your hose full of oil up two or more flights of stairs. This can be difficult, especially if they are wet or icy. You also may find the tank in a very disorganized garage buried behind a lot of junk, behind the house with a "beware of dogs" sign close by, or covered in two feet of snow.

Cash and More Cash

Some homeowners may hand you a large bill, and have their hand out expecting cash back. In most cases, people that deliver home oil do not carry large bills with them, especially if they live in a large city where it can be dangerous. Tell the homeowner as soon as you get there that you cannot accept large bills. If they cannot offer you something smaller, or pay you with another method, you may not be able to deliver the oil. It is much easier to deal with this in the beginning instead of waiting until after the tank is filled up.

Spilled Oil

Many homeowners will get mad if you spill oil on their property, especially on the driveway. You can carry a bag of sawdust or kitty litter in your truck in case this happens. Pour it on the oil immediately and it will absorb it. Ask the homeowner to clean the area with hot soap and water to remove any remaining oil.

Delivering home oil to people can be a great and rewarding job. It is helpful to know all sides of the job, however, the good, and the surprises. Talk to places like Bay State Fuel Oil Inc for more information and tips.