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5 Ways To Extend Your Air Conditioner's Lifespan

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An air conditioner can provide cool air for a very long time if you are properly maintaining the unit. Consider doing the following five things to help your air conditioner have a long lifespan:

Clean The Drains

Water leaks can be easily prevented by cleaning the drain port every single month. You need a very thin wire, like an old coat hanger, in order to push debris out that could be clogging the drain port. If you let a clogged drain remain clogged, it could lead to an expensive repair down the road.

Remove The Moisture

An air conditioner operates based on the always fluctuating temperature inside your home. As it removes moisture from your home, condensation will form outside of your unit. If enough moisture builds up, it may cause damage to the unit itself through rust. If you wipe off the excess moisture regularly, it will prevent rust from occurring.

Change Air Filters

Maintaining the filter on your air conditioner is a critical, but often overlooked part of air conditioner maintenance. Ideally, filters should be replaced every single month. Dust, debris, and pollution can prevent an air conditioner from operating efficiently, and cause higher cooling bills.

Your filter might need to be rinsed so it can be reused, or you may have a filter that can only be replaced. There are also multiple sizes of air filters based on your unit as well. Make sure to check all of these things before going to your local home improvement store to buy a new one. Sizes are printed outside of the frame on the cardboard.

Clear All Obstructions

Foliage and furniture that block vents and fans will also prevent proper airflow from going to the air conditioner. It can cause the thermostat to read incorrectly, which will make it difficult to properly regulate temperature. Make sure that all obstructions around the unit are clear. One of the most common times for obstructions is the fall, as the wind blows leaves into the condenser.

Remove Dust

Over time, dust can build up on your home's air conditioner, contributing to its decreased efficiency. This is why you must clean off the condenser, replace filters, and sweep the evaporator coil to improve the unit's functionality. You can use tools like a microfiber cloth, vacuum cleaner, pipe cleaner, and feather duster to reach all of the crevices.

Do not make the mistake of neglecting air conditioner maintenance, as you will want it to work in great condition when the hot weather sneaks up on you. For more information, contact a company like Dodds Heating & Cooling.