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Stay Cool During Summer—5 Tips to Help Prevent AC Mistakes

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Keeping your home cool during the heat of summer means running your air conditioner on a daily basis. In order for the AC to be used as efficiently as possible and to prevent major repairs from being needed, it's important to make sure that you're not making any significant mistakes. The following tips can all help keep your AC running smoothly and ensure that expensive repairs won't be needed during the warmer months ahead.

Shut Off the Unit Before Cleaning

When cleaning your air conditioner, it may be tempting to simply open it up and get to work. The problem with this is that you won't be able to do as deep of a clean and you could even be making yourself vulnerable to being shocked due to working so closely to dangerous parts. To ensure that a deep clean can be done, make sure to shut off the unit entirely before getting to work.

Clean the Filter and Coils Regularly

Replacing the filter is essential since it's what's responsible for trapping everything from dirt to pet hair and dander. While the filter can easily be replaced on a 6-month basis, generally, the coils may not be as easy to figure out. After the unit has been shut off, all you need to do is use a commercial cleaner designed for AC units and wipe down the coils.

Consider the Placement of Your AC Unit

In order for the air conditioner to be running smoothly and without too much stain on it, it's a good idea to consider the placement. For example, you want the AC to be set up somewhere that can provide cool air to the rest of your home easily. The unit should also be placed away from landscaping and in a spot that receives plenty of shade.

Use Your Thermostat Correctly

To use your air conditioner in the summer without an expensive cooling bill, it's a good idea to figure out how to best use your thermostat. The tips below can all help you use your thermostat as efficiently as possible:

  • Rely on programming to use the AC as needed
  • Keep the AC around 78 degrees
  • Use a thermostat that can be controlled by mobile phone
  • Program the thermostat to turn off during the night

Rely on Professionals for Annual Inspections

Even with routine maintenance of your own, there are some issues that cannot be solved on your own. Calling in HVAC professionals on an annual basis can help address any repairs that may be needed.

Taking care of  your air conditioner is a responsibility every homeowner has in order to stay cool during the summer. By making regular maintenance a priority, you'll be able to stay comfortable when the temperature rises without spending a ton of money on cooling. For more tips or assistance, contact resources such as Action Appliance Services.